People are talking about your brand. Do you know what they're saying?

Don't let it spiral out of control

Individuals and businesses succeed or fail based on their reputation. Avenir Digital is the leader in online reputation management in Zimbabwe.

Every online reputation management strategy is unique. Whether we’re building a brand online, removing negative content, improving reviews and star ratings, or improving search engine results.

Enterprise Customers

Negative search results about your company reduce brand equity, cut revenue and market capitalisation, influence customers and impede hiring and retention. We can help.

C Suite & Executives

Negative articles, inaccurate biographies, embarrassing legal documents and sensitive personal information damage your online reputation. What is the impact on your company, your career, your family, your safety and even your financial wellbeing. We can help.

Online Reputation Management for Business & Individuals

Our team can help protect the reputation of your company or its high visibility staff through a variety of expert techniques and technologies.

We apply the same techniques and technologies in contentious situations such as litigation, major public affairs battles and IPOs, to provide an optimal view to those researching a specific issue online.

“Google is the new first impression”

Our online reputation management team will build a positive reputation for you no matter who is searching for your company online – clients, co-workers, investors or future recruits.

Online Reputation Monitoring

We monitor the sentiment of your brand 24/7, whether positive, negative or neutral, so you always know where your online reputation stands.

Crisis Management for Businesses & Individuals

Irrespective the crisis, be it cyber and data breaches, legal matters, natural disasters, product recalls, bankruptcies, complex financial crises, high-profile investigations and other reputation threatening events, we’ll make sure the narrative is framed to align with your priorities and keep your reputation clean.

Crisis Monitoring

We’ll monitor your online presence with real-time alerts, ensuring we can catch the crisis before it grows out of control. We’ll track unusual behaviour such as an increase in mentions, or a sudden change in your online sentiment, across news outlets, blogs, and social channels.

Online Reputation Reporting

We monitor the sentiment of your brand 24/7, whether positive, negative or neutral, so you always know where your online reputation stands.

Reputation Management

Algorithm changes. Fake negative reviews. Low-quality link attacks. Whether you’re up against negative articles, bad reviews or inaccurate public profiles, we’ll bury what you don't want and build what you do want.

Reputation Repair

Reconstruction of a damaged online presence can include correcting the content of a Wikipedia page, outranking of content from search results, removal of information from Google, managing online reviews, or negotiating with bloggers. The objective is always the same - to fix a problem with the way a brand is perceived online.


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