Your ability to thrive, not just survive, is based in the experience you provide your end users and your own employees and partners.

Digital transformation is a change in how an organisation delivers value to its customers.

It induces the cultural, organisational and operational change of an organisation, industry or ecosystem through a smart integration of digital technologies, processes and competencies across all verticals and functions in a deliberate way. Digital transformation leverages technologies to create value for various stakeholders, and allows the business to innovate and adapt to changing circumstances.

We’ve begun to understand the potential of digital technologies like Big Data and Analytics, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI), Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR). Adopting them is the path to digital transformation. But the way to win is to adopt Human Centred Digital Transformation (aka Human Centred Design) and deliver new value to consumers, partners and employees.

Digital Transformation can and should be led by several factors, and cover several business aspects. From business models to business processes and specific projects, for instance to enhance customer experience in an enterprise-wide and end-to-end customer experience sense.

It adds value to every customer interaction

It’s not some short-term, knee-jerk strategy, but is about culture, change and a step-by-step approach, led top down. Smart businesses are aware of their digital IQ, and know that the true meaning and value ultimately lies in how they can connect the various needs and goals of all stakeholders.

Your digital IQ is about your capabilities with technology, but also the understanding of when and why to use it to interact with other people.

Digital IQ channels emotions, empathy, expectations, business viability, team-play, intelligence, creativity, ideas, innovation, technology, data and algorithmic confidence, to stay one turn ahead of constant change.

PWCs Digital IQ research discovered a group they call Transcenders. Those companies that consistently generate payback and get significant value on their digital investments — from growth and profits to innovation, customer experience, people +.

Here’s how Transcenders win:

1. Mandate change, don’t just talk about it
Digital is their corporate strategy, not a line item or “special effort.”

2. Invest like you mean it
Transcenders primarily use digital investments to grow their business, not because they need to cut costs.

3. Make your people your superpower
Transcenders say their people are more innovative, more active in driving business and have learned to innovate in ways that have a positive impact on the bottom line.

4. Build a resilient culture
Transformation never ends. That’s what most Transcenders believe and it guides what they do.

Human Centred Digital Transformation aims to merge the needs of people with the potential of technology and the elements of ROI. This means that collaboration with users is what will lead to better outcomes. The reality, is that transformation is as much about designing for humans as it is about adopting technology.

But why is it difficult to inject Human Centred Digital Transformation into an enterprise?

One of the reasons is that humans are dynamic in their thinking, and use intuition. It therefore requires a surprising amount of expertise and collaboration to achieve meaningful Human Centred Digital Transformation.

What about SMEs & Start-Ups?

You’re in the fortunate position of being able to chart your Digital Transformation strategy from the beginning of your business’ journey! Align your culture, values, team, customer and community with the tech, and you’re on the right path.