Value creation, capture, and the Internet of Things

Avenir Digital’s Internet of Things (IoT) consulting firm is designed to assist clients reimagine their online presence, business processes and overall impact in the digital space. Reimagining for real results.

“The IoT’s true value lies in its disruptive potential for reimagining business processes and, ultimately, rewiring business, government, and society.” – Deloitte Digital

IoT, a beacon of light for your customers

As an IoT consulting firm in Zimbabwe, for us it’s all about partnership and solutions. Our clients look to us for ideas, and we deliver them, both on smaller projects and larger ones.

We combine strategy, design and technology into one unified process. Engaging your customers, and increasing your ROI

Your product

Track, monitor, and stay up-to-date on your products and inventory in real time

Your customer

Expand your service and support offering, and deepen customer relationships through smart products

Make sense of the data in Zimbabwe

Leverage data to do things like: create personalised experiences; customise offers and promotions; enhance, or create new products or services; provide better customer or employee services; improve operational effectiveness and reduce fraud and risk; and much, much (MUCH) more.

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Proximity Marketing

Drive traffic, increase conversion rates, and boost sales volume. Communicate with customers at the right location without a wifi connection.

More on proximity marketing

Smart City

To accommodate a growing urban population in a sustainable manner, city governments need to harness next-gen technologies to create development strategies.

Business Operations

We'll work with you to design, enable, and unlock new business models and strategies to create exponential value and outrun the competition.

Let's Graft

Let's reimagine your project

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